Project Description

International Broadcaster
Coalition Against Piracy

The International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP) is an alliance of leading International broadcasters organized to prevent unauthorized video streaming and illegal distribution of international television content in USA. This coalition coordinates with embassies, government and trade offices in the U.S. and abroad – including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Immigration – to promote prosecution of companies that engage in the illegal distribution of members’ video content.

The organization also collaborates with internet service providers (“ISPs”), payment processing agents, content delivery networks (“CDNs”) and hardware and software manufacturers to identify and stop unauthorized distribution of video content.

ASB Communications worked with IBCAP to create awareness about their initiatives within the South Asian and Arabic-American communities, two communities where piracy of video is quite prevalent. We organized town-halls attended by community leaders, retail dealers, and government officials. We also reached out to the community through grassroots marketing, media interaction, and ad placement in print & radio media.